Project 530690-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-PL-TEMPUS–SMHES «Elaboration of Qualification Framework for Land management Studies at Russian Universities ELFRUS»The program is financed by the European Commission for Education and Culture (Brussels, Belgium). Grant holder is Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland).

Goals of the Project

The aim of the project is the development of the industry Qualifications Framework for Land Management for training in Russian universities. The project will contribute to its broader goal of "improving the quality and relevance of higher education in Russia and convergence with EU countries through the development of qualifications."

1. Analysis of existing standards and methodologies of qualifications in land management.

2. Development of Industry Qualifications Framework for Land Management to study at universities in Russia.

3. Training courses on the development and implementation of new training programs compatible with qualifications in land management.

The goals of the project, including the development of sectoral qualifications framework for land management will contribute to the development of the Russian Federation and the national qualifications system to the implementation of the Bologna process. In addition, the project results and outputs will partner to build the capacity of universities by creating learning centers dedicated to the development and implementation of training programs are compatible with the QF in the field of land management and the development and implementation of training courses in related subjects. These workshops will raise awareness about the importance of higher education reform and the Bologna process, they will also build the skills necessary for the sustainability of project results, and they will pay a contribution to the nation-wide staff development scheme of Russian universities.