Russian coordinators

  • Prof. Dr. Chepurin Evgeny State University of Land Management

    Vice-rector for educational and methodical work and Professor at the Department of Land Management. He is the Vice-President of the Educational and Methodical Association in the Field of Land Management and Cadastre (EMA-LMC). From 2007 to 2011 he was Dean of the Faculty of Urban Cadastre. He is co-author of the third-generation Russian Federation state educational standards of higher education in the Field of Land Management and Cadastre. His areas of expertise are: optimization of land use and territorial organization of production, development of economic mechanisms for the organization of extra-budgetary investment of construction of the property. He has published over 60 scientific and educational works.
  • 103064 Moscow Kazakova st., 15 +7 (499) 261-69-48 +7 (915) 080 54 21

  • Nadezda KamyninaMoscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography

    Has obtained experience in local management of TEMPUS project within the frames of implementation of the JEP 144978, being local coordinator for Russia. At the same time Mrs. Kamynina is head of International Education Department and responsible for tuning of international education in MIIGAiK. Since 2010 Nadezda Kamynina has become a Higher Education Reform Expert from Russia and actively participates in HERE's society. Professional skills in Land Management, obtained during Master studies in the Royal Institute of Technology enable Mrs. Kamynina to implement best European practice of EQF. Nadezda Kamynina is a member of Commission 2 (Professional Education) of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG).
  • +7 (499) 267 28 09

  • Prof. Ton Sanzhi Khanda Buryat State Agricultural Academy Filippova

    Director of the Institute of Land Planning, Land Surveying and Melioration. She is active in research activities dealing with management of land resources of Republic of Buryatia. Drastic changes in land resources use have drawn forth novel approaches manage to land resources use, management and protection on the background of increased demand to land survey and registration works. Since 2009 Ton S. Khanda is a member of the Education and Methods’ Board in the field of training specialists 650500 – «Land planning and land surveying”. She has got a number scientific publications in the soil protection, ecological and economic appraisal of territories, the history and modern state of land related issues.
  • +7 (3012)46 04 37, +7 (3012)55 39 49 +7 (914) 631 95 94

  • Prof. Mamontova Sofya Krasnoyarskiy State Agricultural University

    Works at the Department of State Land Cadastre and Real Estate. She is actively involved in international activity of the University. In 2008 she received master degree in the international master program of KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm). She is involved in development of teaching programs in foreign language at the University; is responsible for the implementation of Quality management system within the Institute of Land Survey; is a member of Methodic Board of the university (responsible for the development of teaching methodical materials). She was one of the key persons in Tempus DELAM IB_JEP-27165 responsible for the professional training organization within the project.
  • +7 (8182) 21 15 61 +7 (902) 914 05 61

  • Prof. Radthevsky NikolaiKuban State Agrarian University

    Head of the Land Management and Land Cadastre Department at the Faculty of Engineering and Land Use Planning. In the position since 1995 (from the date of its formation). He has a wide experience of industrial work in the field of designing of land-management events and in the field of land-management service in Krasnodar and in Krasnodar region. He took part in updating of working curricula for land management engineers education. A great number of his scientific publications are devoted to land-management, to land resources planing and to management of land use in agrarian production.
  • +7 (918) 166 06 91, +7 (961) 221 59 44

  • Kamyshova GalinaSaratov State Agrarian University named after N.I. Vavilov

    PhD, Head of International Educational Programs the Saratov State Agrarian University named after N.I. Vavilov. Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, Saratov State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky, 1997. Associate Professor of Chair of applied mathematics and informatics, 1997 – 2003. Head of International Department, Associate Professor since 2003. Current research work: Analysis problems of modern agriculture and modeling different aspects of economic processes in agriculture for sustainable and effective development. Academic Exchanges Germany University of Wurzburg DAAD (A\01\20230) 1-30 of November 2001
  • +7 (918) 166 06 91, +7 (961) 221 59 44

  • Prof. Valentina ChsherbaOmsk State Agrarian University Stolypina

    Dean of the Faculty of Land Management. She is coordinator of the programs for vocational training of the teaching staff of agrarian universities in Siberian and Far-East Federal districts “Up-to-date problems of land management and cadastre of real estate” and “Land property: management, estimation, organization and exploitation”. Well-experienced in coordination and participation in Tempus projects: Tempus DISRUS and Tempus DELAM. Author of more than 60 published articles and manuals.
  • +7 (3812) 65 20 90 +7 (908) 315 68 97

  • Dr. Vladimir TarbaevSaratov State Agrarian University named after N.I. Vavilov

    Associate Professor, acting Head of the Department of Land Management. His scientific works are directed to agroecological monitoring of irrigated lands with application of remote sensing’s results and geo-information technologies and to searching for ways of rational using of land resources. He has co-authored about 30 published researches on this theme. He worked up and published more than 10 methodical recomendations for students who make speciality of 120301.65 «Land management» and 12302.65 «Land cadastre». In 2011 he took an active part in developing work programmes of the third generation for bachelors and masters who make speciality of 120700.62 «Land management and cadastres».
  • +7 (8452) 27 13 32 +7 (927) 223 31 22

  • Prof. Rylschikov Vladimir Northern (Arctic) Federal Universitynamed after Lomonosov

    Head of the Department of Geodesy and Cadastre, Deputy Director of the Institute of and the Director of Research and Production Consulting Centre "Geodesy". His main area of teaching consists of: Geodesy, Photogrammetry and remote sensing, Cartography and Cartographic and geodetic support for Geographic Information Systems. He has designed five different simulators for the study of the device of geodetic instruments. He is author and coauthor of several didactic textbooks.
  • +7 (8182) 21-61-15 +7 (921) 244 92 15

  • Gusev AlexeyUral State Agrarian University

    Assistant Prof. and the Head of the Department of Land Use Planning of the Faculty of Agrotechnologies and Land Use Planning. He is actively engaged in scientific researches. The main scientific theme is: the land use planning of the destroyed territories and the State Cadastre action at them. In 2007-09 he took active part in the work of the group of USAA experts for working out Federal State Educational Standard of the third generation for training of bachelors and masters in specialty «The Land Use Planning and Cadastres».
  • +7 (343) 221 41 18 +7 (922) 101 72 17